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Many regulations are waived as long as the Public Health Emergency remains in effect. It is currently expected to continue until at least mid-October 2022. If it is going to end then, notification will be issued by mid-August 2022. 


You must be physically in NY when you see Dr Mednick, whether in-person or by video. The only exception is New Jersey (see below). 

Once the PHE ends:

  • If you have never met Dr Mednick in person and are being prescribed a controlled substance, you must have at least one in-person visit. 

  • Dr. Mednick will only be able to prescribe a controlled substance to NY pharmacies, because that is the only state where she holds a license. 

New Jersey


Dr. Mednick has a temporary NJ license issued during the pandemic. It is currently active, and will continue while NJ is in a Public Health Emergency (likely to mirror the national PHE status). On January 11, 2022, Governor Phillip D. Murphy reinstated New Jersey’s Public Health Emergency and extended the administrative waivers establishing the temporary emergency reciprocity license (“TERL”) program. They have stated that "all TERLs issued to healthcare professionals will continue in full force and effect until further notice." As long as this is the case, Dr. Mednick can see you while you are physically located in NJ. 

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