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Refill Requests

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Refills requested outside of a scheduled appointment will require payment of a $40 fee.


This policy is necessary due to the high volume of requests and considerable time burden it puts on the practice.  At the same time, this procedure reduces prescription errors, improves safety and encourages appropriate follow-up. It also improves compliance with state laws governing controlled substances. You will always receive enough medication or refills to last until your next recommended follow-up. You are asked to track your supply, and to ensure that you have an appointment scheduled before you run out of medication or existing refills. If you have discussed with Dr. Mednick in advance a specific need for a between-visit refill, the fee will be waived. 


Some people find that they become aware of running low on medications only at the last minute. Please be proactive in your care and track how much medication you have and how many refills remain on the prescription, and ensure you have an appointment to see Dr. Mednick before you're out of medication. Many people find it helpful to book a follow up appointment at the time they pick up their last refill at the pharmacy. You can always book in person at your current visit, or online here.

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