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For your comfort and convenience, we are pleased to announce the availability of a telemedicine option if you would like to have a follow-up visit without coming to the office.

Please refer to these FAQs to guide you through the process.

Do I have to use this service? 

[During the Covid-19 crisis - yes.]


No. Dr. Mednick would prefer to see you in person, and you are in no way required or obligated to use telemedicine services. However if you would like to see Dr. Mednick remotely for your convenience, you can only do so through this platform (NOT telephone).

How much will this cost?

A telemedicine visit will be considered exactly the same as a regular in-person visit. That means you will be responsible for whatever copay, coinsurance, or out-of-pocket fee you usually pay. 

Why Google Meet and

Dr. Mednick is using these as her telemedicine platform because they implement state of the art security and encryption protocols to assure that data integrity and privacy is maintained. As a result, both Google Meet and comply with HIPAA and HITECH requirements. 

How often can I use telemedicine visits instead of in-person appointments?

This will be determined on a case-by-case basis, so please discuss with Dr. Mednick. However generally you may not go longer than 6 months without an in-person visit. 

What equipment will I need in order to use this?

You can use Google Meet on any browser or phone. You can use through a chrome browser on your phone or computer.  Do not use the app if you have downloaded it in the past -- it is no longer supported.
A wired connection is preferable. 

Do I need to be in New York?

Yes. Dr. Mednick is only licensed to deliver telemedicine to you if you reside in New York.

[These requirements have been loosened during the Covid crisis.]

Is this covered by my insurance?

Based on state and federal legislation, this will now be covered as the equivalent of a regular visit. If your coverage is provided by Cigna, they will recognize this as they would any other visit with Dr. Mednick. If you have a different insurance and utilize out-of-network benefits, you will need to ask them whether they recognize telemedicine visits as regular visits. [Most insurances are following suit during the crisis but you may want to double check.]

Is this secure?

YES. This is the primary reason Dr. Mednick is enrolling in this service and requiring it for all remote visits.

How do I schedule a telemedicine visit?

You can browse and request available times as you usually would at this site, selecting the "Video Sessions" options near the bottom of the page. At your appointment time you will log in to Dr. Mednick's "waiting room" through this URL:​ 
If you have any trouble with Doxy you will receive a calendar invite with a Google Meet URL to use instead.

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