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Thank you all. I have teared up many times thinking of how blessed I am to have had access to this [TMS] treatment, and I hope you are able to understand how much of a difference you are making in all of our lives. Thank you for your curiosity, empathy, and care. I believe you truly changed the direction of my mental health, and perhaps my life.

Dr. Mednick helped find the right treatment plan for me while listening to my medication concerns and past experiences. I felt comfortable and I am highly satisfied with her approach to my treatment.

She is an incredible listener and is so warm! A breath of fresh air!

Dr. Mednick was so informative, clearly listened to all of my concerns, and provided comforting feedback. She's clearly very well educated in her field- I'm happy to have found her!

I couldn't be more grateful for my experience and the treatment I received. I am so much better and it feels amazing - thank you.

I found Dr Mednick to be very warm and welcoming which made me feel immediately comfortable. She is an excellent listener who allowed me to be heard. She was very open with her thoughts on what the issues could be before we discussed a course of action to figure it all out. She was helpful in clarifying topics I was unfamiliar with and seemed very knowledgeable. Not much more anyone could ask for.

I've had a hard time finding a psychiatrist in this city. Some people I have seen didn't really seem all that interested in truly helping me. Dr. Mednick was welcoming and extremely knowledgeable. She explained different therapy options and above all, actually seemed like she cared. It was refreshing.

After visiting so many terrible psychiatrists in this city, Dr Mednick was a breath of fresh air. Our first session was thorough and enjoyable, and I look forward to working with her to find the perfect combination of medications that I need going forward.

Dr. Mednick was very patient. She listened to my (at times rambling) descriptions of my symptoms, personal and family history and addressed all of my concerns with medications. This left me feeling as though there might be a light at the end of this tunnel. She treated me with respect, and made sure I understood the process. Dr. Mednick even followed up with an email reminding me of some of the things I should avoid while on the new medication. Very highly recommended.

Dr. Mednick was truly genuine, compassionate, and conducted herself as an exemplary healthcare provider.

Dr. Mednick was excellent. Kind, insightful, and professional. I will continue to see her and would highly recommend Dr. Mednick.

So glad I found Dr. Mednick. She's super smart and very thorough, taking time to review all my symptoms and hear all my concerns before recommending medications. I've been seeing her regularly since first finding her and have had way more success in finding the right "cocktail" for my issues than I've had with many doctors in the past. It's really rare to find a competent and caring psychiatrist that actually takes insurance in NYC. I've seen several psychiatrists in the past few years and she is by far my favorite — never making me feel like I'm crazy or like she's just going down a clinical checklist when asking about my symptoms.

Dr. Mednick was extremely pleasant, listened to all my concerns and symptoms and took the time to answer all my questions. I look forward to a long relationship with this doctor and would recommend her in a second.

She was great. She made me feel at ease and was quick to assure me that everything I was experiencing was normal and how she could help.

As a fairly relaxed person, I had anxiety seeing a psychiatrist for the 1st time. I believe that's natural and Dr. Mednick was patient and understanding. She helps facilitate a relaxed atmosphere so you can acclimate at your own pace to a good experience. It may be too early to say if I'll be a long term patient, but I'm looking forward to a follow up appointment.

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