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TMS Treaters

Patricia Garcia

Patricia is the TMS coordinator, office manager and most importantly a certified TMS Technician at the practice. Patricia graduated from Hunter College with a major in Women’s Studies and Biology. She is aspiring to get her Doctorate in Psychology. She aims to ensure a comfortable environment for all patients through communication and understanding. Patricia enjoys being a TMS technician as she is passionate about assisting others and uplifting patients. In her free time, Patricia enjoys snowboarding, spending time with her dog, and loves exploring different restaurants all over New York City!

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Eliza Popa

Eliza is a Certified TMS Technician, Clinical Manager, and Clinical Researcher. She is an honors student pursuing her Bachelor's Degree in Forensic Psychology and plans to obtain her Doctorate in Clinical Psychology. She has a passion for patient care and the interplay of brain and behavior. Eliza works to create a safe and comfortable space for her TMS patients and appreciates all of the intriguing conversations that they bring. Eliza loves reading literature and is currently reading poems by Emily Dickinson! 

Sonia Seenaraine

Sonia is a Certified TMS Technician and our Social Media Manager. She graduated magna cum laude with Honors from the Department of Psychology at Hunter College in 2020. Sonia is a huge advocate for health equity. She plans to use her platform to speak out about health equity while obtaining a doctorate in Clinical Psychology. She aims to conduct research on innovative but accessible approaches to mental health treatments, while being a mentor for peers also interested in pursuing a career in mental health care. She loves talking to patients about their day, their favorite TV shows, and their pets! She’s a huge fan of music, culture, and golden retrievers. 

Her favorite part about working at Dr. Mednick's practice is the welcoming space offered to both patients and technicians. There is a true sense of community at this practice that allows our team to work together seamlessly! 

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Sun Burnett

Sun is a certified TMS technician and a post-baccalaureate pre-health student with a background in journalism, nonprofit management, and interpreting. She is interested in learning more about ways to improve mental health by directly targeting the brain and incorporating mind-body approaches. Sun's favorite part of being a TMS technician is when patients share how much TMS has helped them. These stories are truly remarkable!

Thomas Jimenez

Thomas is a certified TMS Technician. He is a first-generation college student studying both Human Biology and Africana Puerto Rican/Latino Studies as a pre-medicine student at Macaulay Honors at Hunter College. He is passionate about making differences in lives, dismantling the stigma around mental health, and advocating for Hispanic and LGBTQ+ community members in medical settings. He enjoys quality time with his friends and family, meeting new people, and pistachio flavored ice cream. 

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Odalis Salcedo

Odalis is a Certified TMS technician (intake coordinator) and a first-generation graduate student studying Clinical Mental Health Counseling. With a solid background in clinical medical assisting and clinical psychology, Odalis has developed a keen interest in exploring the psychological repercussions on personality arising from early-life traumatic experiences. Her professional goals are aligned with making substantive contributions to women's mental health and the Latin American community as a future psychologist. In her free time, Odalis enjoys traveling to different places, hiking, and trying new foods. She finds joy in connecting with clients over shared interests such as music or favorite shows, always welcoming suggestions.

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