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Covid-19 FAQ

Living in the Covid-19 Pandemic: FAQ and Resources

Are you

still seeing patients?

Yes. All appointments will be virtual except TMS treatments. Please read more information about telemedicine here. Please don't hesitate to book an appointment if you are due for one, or if there is anything I can do to help support you through this difficult time. Here is my booking site for current patients.

How do I

stay mentally healthy?

If you are staying home, make sure to keep yourself in a very good routine and schedule. For example, wake up at a normal hour, get dressed and ready for the day as you normally would. Some people like to take a walk (if safe) in place of a morning commute. Exercise is more important than ever - use it to delineate the boundaries in your day.  You may want to exercise at night to work off the extra energy and worries and prepare your body for sleep. Stay social as best you can with phone and computer. There are many excellent articles written with other tips for how to healthily work from home, please google them. 

What do I

need to know about Covid-19?

Please check the CDC website for the most up to date and accurate information and recommendations.

What do I

need to know about my medications?

To date there have been no reports or concerns about medication shortages. If you would like to pick up 90 days supplies of your medicine, that is reasonable in order to decrease trips to the pharmacy. I can write your prescription that way at your appointment. It is up to the pharmacy and your insurance company if they will give you all 90 at once; please ask your pharmacist. At times you may need to call your insurance company to ask for a "vacation override." 

Covid-19 Resources

David Brooks Editorial

"...Gradually you discover that you have the resources to cope as you fight the fear with conversation and direct action. A stronger self emerges out of the death throes of anxiety..."​

Volunteer network of Mental Health professionals, spiritual care providers, personal/life coaches, stress-reduction experts, healing arts practitioners

For essential workers or their family members

The world's largest online platform for digital mental health education has teamed up with the nation’s most credible mental health organizations to collaborate on a free resource hub to help people address their mental health needs during the COVID-19 pandemic

Resources for anxiety and your mental health in a global climate of uncertainty.

Mental Health of America has compiled their own comprehensive list of resources, tools, webinars, workshops, and more.​

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